“When she conceived Jesus Christ, she brought into the world the one from whom every vocation is derived. Except for Him, no one would be called, and except for His Call, no one could respond.” 
~ Fr. Anthony Ligato, “Mary, Mother of Vocations,” The Vineyard, May 2016

The Call

So what is this call? How does this call happen? Who calls whom? How do you know you are being called? Is there a special ring tone?

Simply put, God does the calling. Sometimes the call is quite loud and dramatic. Other times it can be quite quiet and delicate. St. Paul’s call on the road to Damascus was quite dramatic followed by gentleness. Pope John Paul II wanted to be a great actor but was called to the priesthood and the rest is history. As Albert Schweitzer stated, “He (God) comes to us as one unknown. Without a name. He speaks to us. He speaks the same word. Follow, Follow thou me.” We are called to follow Christ. To follow Christ is the first priority of all Christians. To be called to the Vocation of priest and to serve Christianity as Christ’s representative on earth is the Apostolic Calling. Our priests lead us in that journey.

We need to listen mindfully for God’s call. Whether it is in the din of combat or in the quiet of the garden, God is calling us. We simply have to listen. 

St. Louis Vocations

For 142 years, St. Louis has prospered as a parish. Could it be that many have been called but no one has been listening? Maybe we can try to listen a little better. Let’s talk to our children more about the religious life and listen for their response. In 1999, Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia told a group of lawyers, “It is my hope that I have imparted to those already wise in Christ, the courage to have their wisdom regarded as stupidity.” Are we thought to be fools? No doubt. But as St. Paul wrote to the Corinthians, “we are fools for Christ’s sake.” God may need us to help others, including our children, respond to His call.

Vocations Committee

If you would like to join our Vocations Committee, contact Dick Yule at (585) 381-2721 or coolyule@rochester.rr.com.

Vocation Stories

"Vocations to the ministerial priesthood and to the consecrated life are first and foremost the fruit of constant contact with the living God and insisten prayer lifted up to the 'Lord of the harvest', whether in parish communities, in Christian families or in groups specifically devoted to prayer for vocations."
~ Pope Benedict XVI, Message for the 48th World Day of Pray for Vocations, May 15, 2011