Summer Conferences at Franciscan University

Come to Steubenville with us in July 2019!!!


Are you ready for an exciting week with some of the best Catholic presenters in the U.S.?  Come experience your faith in a setting of intense spiritual learning.  You'll return with your heart set on fire! 


Steubenville is just 5 hours away.  Housing is available on campus or you can stay at local hotels.  


We will be adding dates and more details as they become available later this year. 

Contact Kathryn McAlarney at or 586-5675, ext224 for more information.  


Parishioners Growing in the Faith

These are some of the St. Louis parishioners who attended the faith formation conferences in July 2018 at Franciscan University at Steubenville. 



“The best part of the Steubenville Conference “Defending the Faith” was the flawless presentations of the nationally known Catholic speakers.
The immediate positive impact will be on our relationship to St Louis Parish and to personal prayer in our daily lives.
Would we go to the Steubenville Conference again? We can’t wait for the 2019 online registration!” --Carol and Mike Giglia



“One of the things we like most about attending the Steubenville conferences are the incredible speakers. They are engaging, inspiring, humorous, captivating, moving and completely entertaining, You absolutely can not leave without having been impacted.” –Roger and Jody Upton




Join us next year!
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