Summer Conferences at Franciscan University

Come to Steubenville with us!!!


Are you ready for an exciting week with some of the best Catholic presenters in the U.S.?  Come experience your faith in a setting of intense spiritual learning.  You'll return with your heart set on fire! 


Steubenville is just 5 hours away.  A group is going from St. Louis and we can try to car pool together.  Housing is available on campus or you can stay at local hotels.  Don't delay in making your lodging arrangements. 


Contact Kathryn McAlarney at or 586-5675, ext224 for more information.  


If you register under our group "Kathryn McAlarney" you will get a discounted registration fee if we have at least 10 people in our group.


We can only understand where we’re going when we begin to understand our history. This summer at the Applied Biblical Studies Conference, come and learn from the prophetic words of our spiritual ancestors and receive the encouragement that their messages hold, so that you may go forth and proclaim the Word of God in joy.

Register for Applied Biblical Studies here.


In a time when the faith and love of many of our fellow Catholics have grown cold, the Church needs modern missionaries committed to rebuilding the faith through knowledge and holy witness.


Register for Defending the Faith here.