Discovering life-changing opportunities

Christ began changing and empowering his follower’s lives immediately after His resurrection, He continues to empower us today. The Stewardship Team wants parishioners to see just how becoming involved in a ministry brings us closer to Christ, enhancing our Joy of the Gospel. We’ve renamed ‘Ministry Minute’ to ‘Light a Spark’. This one minute witness at the end of Mass is an opportunity to light a spark in someone else’s life by sharing our personal experience of joy in serving. “In Their Own Words” is the written venue to do the same, for all who read the bulletin. When people hear or read from a fellow parishioner how good being a part of a ministry (or organization where they volunteer) makes them feel, others will be encouraged to find their own way to become faithful stewards of their gifts.

How do you light a spark?

  • Introduce yourself
  • Name the ministry you are focusing on today (just one)
  • In a few sentences, describe how you went from coming to Mass to finding joy in the ministry that has been a grace for you..
  • Invite others to make the same journey

Remember: how long does it take to strike a match? You have a minute. Short and sweet has much greater impact. Don’t get bogged down in explaining the ministry in detail, just a sentence or two. For “In Their Own Words”, you have no more than 200 words.  In addition, “In Their Own Words” will need to be emailed to Barbara Thomas ( at the Ministry Center, two weeks in advance of the date it will be published in the bulletin.