Campus Map
St. Louis Church and School
Pittsford, NY 14534


Map Key

  1. The white building, an 1890s home at 46 South Main St. provides space for Saint's Place. This ministry, unique to St. Louis, serves legal refugees being resettled in the Rochester community. This ministry is supported by our neighboring parishes, both Catholic and Ecumenical, and helps to welcome and to settle immigrants into their new homes.
  2. St. Louis Catholic School, grade 1 to grade 5, uses the Elementary Building facing Rand Place; Preschool and Kindergarten use Reddington Hall. The School office is at 11 Rand Place.
  3. The brick building to the north of the Church is the Manse (Hargous-Briggs House built circa 1810 - 1812) at 52-54 South Main St. This historic building houses many school programs during the day and offers needed meeting space at other times. The entrance to the Manse meeting room is at the southeast corner of this building facing the Church.
  4. The Church: Our worship space provides a sanctuary with God for any who wish to pray in the presence of other people of faith as well as those who wish a quiet moment or time to be with their God. The Church provides a special Chapel where the Blessed Sacrament is reserved on the south side of the building. The stained glass windows tell the story of faith and the Stations of the Cross allow anyone to 'walk with the Lord.' The Sacrament of Penance is celebrated in the Reconciliation Room on the north side of the Church. The church was built in 1957 and renovated in the 1970s, 1990s and extensively in 2001.
  5. The Parish Meeting Hall is a street level meeting room in the West Annex of Reddington Hall. Below the Parish Meeting Hall in the lower level of the Annex there is an additional meeting room (former Youth Room). The entrance is by elevator or staircase by the south end of the Parish Meeting Hall. Entrances to the Parish Meeting Hall are from both the east and west entrances to the narthex, and the west entrance of the Annex.
  6. The house at 21 Rand Place was purchased in 2006 and is occupied by two Sisters of Mercy.
  7. Reddington Hall is named after one of the former pastors, Fr. John Reddington, who purchased this property and oversaw the construction of the newer buildings. Reddington Hall is used by the School for Preschool and Kindergarten grades and also provides a gym and kitchen for Church and School use. The upper level of the West Annex provides Art and Music Rooms for the School. These two rooms are also used for meeting space. The street level of the West Annex connects Reddington Hall to the Narthex of the Church.
  8. The white house built in 1850 at 60 South Main St., just south of the Church, is the Rectory. Our pastor and the two retired priests who serve the Parish reside here.
  9. The Playground, south of Reddington Hall, also provides a basketball court for the School. This area also provides space for seasonal Parish activities.
  10. The Ministry Center is the yellow house, built in 1868, at 64 South Main St. south of the Rectory. This Center, also referred to as the Parish Office, is both the administrative hub for our ministries and the place where parishioners can meet with pastoral staff about their needs.