Fr. Peter can be quite a beguiling one when it comes to doing God’s work!  He “called and I put down my net and followed” thinking to myself that I was going to help others.  My frame of mind was probably a little like the Pharisee in last week’s Homily.  After all, I have been faithful to attending and even serving at Mass.  So helping out with the Discovering Christ program was not something that would benefit me, rather it was a way for me to use my gifts for others.  But now, having three weeks into this program, I find that I am among those who are being gifted.  How you might ask?   Recall the song’s words, “Where two or more are gathered in My Name, there is God.”  In our common humanity, our fellowship, the Holy Spirit is using Discovering Christ to help ME grow, to enrich my relationships with family, friends, and coworkers.  The table has turned.  Unknowingly, this stewardship experience has been far more about my receiving than giving.  God really does have a sense of humor!

Kathleen Revekant