Podcasts are a hidden gem of the internet media world. Here's a good starter list of great Catholic Podcasts.

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Wish you could spend more time reflecting on Scripture?  This podcast sends you a daily Lectio Divina meditation on one of the daily readings.  Every episode includes music, the reading for the day, a few questions for reflection and a closing prayer.  They also have an app! 


The Art of Catholic  (This and Pray-as-you-go are two of my favorite podcasts!--KMc)

What is “The Art of Catholic?” It’s Matthew Leonard’s super-popular podcast listened to in more than 160 countries around the world.

What’s it about? The Catholic spiritual life is Matthew’s favorite topic – prayer and spirituality. That being said, he talks about all kinds of aspects and issues of the faith, oftentimes interviewing authors on incredibly diverse topics from around the Catholic universe.


CSYSK is hosted by four priests from the Archdiocese of Denver: Fr. Nathan Goebel, Fr. John Nepil, Fr. Mike Rapp and Fr. Michael O'Loughlin.  They cover a huge variety of topics and share their experiences as parish priests with a great mix of banter, hilarious unedited commentary and solid factoids about Catholic stuff you should know.


Bishop Robert Barron's weekly podcast on faith and culture.  


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