A tool to manage your family parishioner data

Churches in the Diocese of Rochester, including St. Louis, store their parishioner records in the Connect Now Database supplied by Parish Soft. The "family information" records will be used for many church efforts such as faith formation registration, liturgical ministry scheduling, and volunteer activities. Parishioner records may be editied online by families themselves to ensure that St. Louis has current contact information such as email addresses, mailing addresses and phone numbers. Entry into the Connect Now system will be made using the following link. 


This link will display the following screen.

Once you have a Username and Password, you may enter that information into the screen shown above and log in to view your family record.  If this is your first time using the Parishsoft system click on the link for New User located under the Password block and you will be shown the following page.

All existing parishioners have a Parishsoft Family Record.  The New User Registration Form allows the parishioner to associate login credentials in the form of a User Name and Password so that the existing records may be verified or changed.  There are 3 Steps to the Registration

Step 1 : Account Request - In this step, the parish must be selected.  In the Organization Block click on the downward arrow in on the right hand side of the block.  Scroll down in the list that is displayed and select St Louis Parish, Pittsford.  Select a username that you would like to use for login purposes and enter that into the User Name Field.  Note:  If you select a username that is used by another parishioner, you will be asked to select a different password.

Step 2: Personal Information - In this step, enter all of the information that you have.  This information will be used by the St. Louis parish office to locate your existing family information in the ParishSoft Connect Now system.  The User Name that you selected will be associated with that record.

Step 3: Email Address - In this step your asked to enter an email address to be associated with your family record.  The form asks for your current email address and others which may be stored in your family record other than the current one.  This allows the office a further check that they are associating the correct record.

To continue the User Registration, verify that you have entered the correct data in the form and then click on the Submit Registration button.  A message is sent to the St. Louis Parish office with a request to associate the User Registration credentials with your family record in the Parishsoft System.  When the records have been associated, an email will be sent to the address that you provided which gives your User Name, a temporary password, and a link to follow to access your family record.  When you follow the link, login with your User Name and temporary password then select a new password secret to you.  Save the link, User Name, and new password wherever you store that type of thing.

Once signed in to your account, you may submit your updates to the parish office so that our records are up-to-date!