St. Louis Movie Night!  Saturday, Aug. 5th!

Free movie!  Free pizza and popcorn!
Best of all—free fun and fellowship!!!!

When:  This Saturday, August 5th
Time:  6:00-8:30pm
Where:  Parish Meeting Hall
Cost: Free (but accepting free will offerings)

This epic film on St. Augustine of Hippo uses a historic backdrop to tell the true story of one of the Church’s most beloved and well-known saints.  It’s message of sin, conversion, and redemption is as timely today as it was in the 5th century of Augustine.  It is the story of a gifted man who pursues fame and fortune without a moral compass—and the dramatic changes that occur in his soul when challenging events lead him to see the light of truth.  It also chronicles the collapse of the Roman world and how Augustine laid the intellectual foundations of what became Europe.  With Augustine, the stories of two other great saints, Monica and Ambrose, are also portrayed.

You can also view this movie on FORMED.org for free, but we hope you’ll join us at church this Saturday!  Hope you can come!

For more information, contact me at: Kathryn.McAlarney@dor.org or 586-5675, ext 224.