Deep relationships take time to develop. The process of truly getting to know someone unfolds slowly. Humanity’s relationship with God is no different. Many of our earliest ancestors believed in many gods. Slowly monotheism emerged. More time, and the understanding came that there is one God, but in a community of persons.

Our first reading reflects the Jewish notion of Wisdom, an entity in relation with God. Some would say these attributes of wisdom gradually folded into our understanding of Jesus, the Logos, the Word, who St. John tells us was with God in the beginning. Others would say Wisdom is more the prototype of the Holy Spirit. Either way, the first reading is a beautiful meditation! Take some time with it. Is your copy of At Home with the Word under some other books? Dig it out, or google ‘Sunday Readings’, and get to the NCCB website with the readings for each day and for the weekend.

Monday, May 23, 2016