Two nouns. Or, could be a noun and a verb. Apostle // Witness. Apostle means one sent. For us, one sent to share the good news of Christ coming into the world, his life-giving ministry, and the transforming power of his life, death and resurrection. Witness, as a noun, is quite similar: one who has seen the events, the power, the explosion of God’s grace in the ministry of Jesus, and in the Paschal mystery. Witness, as a verb: to share what one has seen, heard and experienced. Peter is an apostle, one sent; he also makes it clear in our first reading that he is a witness. What he does in the first reading is give witness to what Jesus did prior to his last days in Jerusalem, and how he experienced the risen Christ along with the other witnesses, chosen by God in advance. We too are called to be witnesses, and give witness. We give witness to how we have experienced the risen Christ, how faith in him has changed our life, and how what we hear and read in the Gospels rings true to our experience of Christ is in our lives. As we are sent forth at the end of Mass: Go and announce the Gospel of the Lord! Or, Go in peace, glorifying the Lord by your life!

Sunday, March 27, 2016