It’s not hard to figure out – for a parish to exist, to have a church in which to gather, ministries for worship, education, pastoral care, and the many other facets of parish life, there needs to be financial support, and the primary way that happens is through the Sunday offering. But our 1 st reading today makes it clear – it isn’t just about human practicalities, it is about divine worship. Why take up the collection when we do? During Mass there is a logic to the flow of our prayer. We gather. We acknowledge our need for mercy. We pray. We listen to the Word. We intercede. In the second half of Mass, our worship flows from the paschal mystery. Jesus offered himself for us, so we join our offering (our contribution, and our very selves) with his. We remember the Last Supper, so that our offering is connected to that central event. You know the rest of the story. But hear it in our first reading, long before Jesus’ incarnation. Bring your offering, set it before the Lord, and bow in God’s presence. So we are instructed, and so we do!

Thursday, February 18, 2016