Was it the hour of incense, or was some other service taking place when Isaiah received his call? Quite possibly. Certainly the backdrop of his hearing God’s call is the Temple; the description is so vivid, we can almost see the incense rising, the room shaking, the embers on the altar, the carved Seraphim coming to life. Awareness of God’s presence, a sense of call can come in many different ways. The prophet Samuel’s experience was auditory – hearing God call his name. Isaiah’s experience is conveyed to us in visual terms. For many folks, it is an internal tug, without accompanying voice or fireworks. The important thing is not how we sense God’s presence, God’s call, our mission; the important thing is to respond like Samuel or Isaiah. “Here I am.” Don’t think a sense of God’s call is reserved only for special, holy people. It’s not the tune that makes “Here I am Lord” such a popular song! Our first reading today provides the inspiration to think about our own call, times when we have sensed God directing us. How did we respond? How can we take another step this week?

Monday, February 8, 2016