Remember back in college – there was the syllabus, but the second edition of Organic Chemistry was unacceptable. Got to get the 3rd, or maybe even the 7 th edition. With many books in the Bible, we don’t have the first edition. We have the final edition, often shaped and edited by God over decades, sometimes even centuries. Micah’s first prophecies were uttered in the 8 th century BCE, in the time of Hezekiah and Ahaz. Most were dark, foreseeing the consequences that increasing injustice in the society would have on the nation. His words proved true. Exile came. Yet rather than the end of hope, new stirrings of hope, deeper awareness of God’s call to mercy emerged. The final edition of Micah we have today include that hope, fresh promises, and the word we hear today of one who will shepherd the flock, and not only bring peace, but be peace. In these last days of Advent, we can pray “Lord, help me to comprehend what it means to say that you are peace.”

Monday, December 21, 2015