The link between the first reading and the Gospel today is not simply that a widow figures prominently in both scenes. Both widows willingly give all that they had, one to sustain Elijah the prophet, the other to sustain the sacrifices and charitable works of the Temple. In each case, we don’t get the entire story. In the first story, we do hear that the jar of flour and jug of oil don’t run dry. But God’s greatest response to the woman’s trust comes later. When her son, support she would hope to count on in her old age, dies, Elijah restores him to life! We know less about the future of the widow in the Gospel. But can there be any doubt? Look for a connection between the actions of these two widows, held up to us as models of trusting faith and generosity, and how living the Beatitudes we prayed with last week might unfold. See poverty of spirit in action. Yes, theirs is the kingdom!

Sunday, November 8, 2015