Jeremiah, second of the Major Prophets, had a tough mission. God called him to bring to the king and the people of Jerusalem a message they did not want to hear – judgement was coming. Taken as a whole, his book and the Book of Lamentations, attributed to him, are dark indeed. But rays of hope and light shine through, as in the prophecy we hear today about the restoration. Why was this passage selected to go with this Sunday’s Gospel? First connection: there is a reference to the blind among those who will be delivered and brought back to the land. Deeper connection: the passage is about being graciously saved by God’s grace, with messianic hints. As God will deliver those in exile, so God through his Son delivered the blind man from his blindness. Think of how immigrants today, fleeing violence and destruction, might hear this passage. Certainly among those fleeing and looking for a better life are mothers with child. Reread the passage, and then offer a prayer for them.

Sunday, October 25, 2015