Is learning important? Moses sure thought so! “Hear … what I am teaching you to observe, that you may live….” Last weekend it was Peter we heard from: “Master, to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life.” Here at St. Louis we believe learning is important, and it shows. Over the summer, great effort went in to ensuring that our school will be ready to open its doors, welcoming children from pre-school through 5th grade to the great adventure of learning in a faith-filled, loving environment. Our new Religious Education Director, Michelle, has hit the ground running, getting everything ready for our Faith Formation programs as well. With Robin stepping down from our Crossroads Junior High program, we have taken the opportunity to design a new full time position, with responsibility for Junior and Senior High, plus Sacramental Preparation for Confirmation. New diocesan guidelines integrate Confirmation Preparation across eighth and ninth grade, with expanded catechetical expectations. This new full time position, combining two part time positions, plus Confirmation responsibilities will ensure a smooth implementation of the changes required for Confirmation, such as charting out modules well in advance, so that a candidate with a conflict for a session in one parish can find an alternate opportunity in a neighboring parish. Learning doesn’t end with Confirmation. You will discover a whole spectrum of adult opportunities to learn, grow and have life: Bible studies, discussion groups, guest presenters, multi-media events, and of course, this very bulletin. This Fall holds great promise. Don’t miss out! Watch for opportunities, and be sure to mark your calendar. We Believe. We Belong. We Learn!

I Know You!

Speaking of dates to include in your calendar, can I make a special request that you schedule one the week of September 9-12? Many individuals and families have already had their photo taken for our new Parish Pictorial Directory. Thank you all! But until YOU make an appointment to have your photo taken, the Directory will be incomplete. The directory is extremely helpful for everyone to be able to put a face to a name, and with a few new folks on staff, having an up to date, complete photo directory will be especially useful. Please sign up this week for a time slot, and help us move this project to a successful completion. God bless you and those you love as we begin to say goodbye to the summer, and launch into a terrific new academic year! Peace, Fr. Bob

Monday, August 31, 2015