Weren’t Our Hearts Burning?

Two disciples on the road to Emmaus experienced Jesus opening the scriptures for them, and then recognized him in the breaking of the bread. That has been happening for people at Mass ever since. It may start as a little spark. But give time to the experience, come back often, and soon the lord will set your heart on fire with love!

Prayerful, uplifting, relevant, engaging, reverent, inspiring, filled with joy – that is our liturgy at St. Louis. Please, come taste what the Lord has to offer!  On a typical weekend, close to 100 members of the community share of themselves in various ministries at our weekend Masses; opportunities are regularly offered to join their ranks.

You can expect a warm welcome, music to stir the soul, preaching to engage mind and heart, opportunities to serve, communion with the Lord and a grace-filled family of faith, all at the table of the Lord. Come experience it!