We Believe. We Belong. We Learn.

In the “good ol’ days” we called it CCD. Many of us grew up attending a Religious Education program or a School of Religion. Today we call it Faith Formation. What is up with all the names?

Our Catholic Faith is more than what we learn. As St. James tells us in his letter, “faith, if it has no works, is dead” (James 2:17). We must practice our faith, not just learn about it. And growing into adolescence and adulthood is a time for both. We strive to teach and impart knowledge about our faith and our Church, while at the same time attempting to put that knowledge into achievable actions.

We strive to help form the entire faith of children and youth: head, heart, and being. To achieve the mission of formation, St. Louis offers a variety of opportunities.

2020-2021 Faith Formation Calendar

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