Discipleship Groups

Would you like to start up or join a discipleship group?

What is a discipleship group?

Ask 10 people, you'll get 10 different answers. 

Here's how we would describe it: a small group of 4-8 people who commit themselves to meet with some regularity for the purpose of fellowship and to encourage spiritual growth. 

What do you do when the group meets?

Here are some options:

You can meet primarily on a social basis to develop fellowship.  Even if you just meet for coffee and dessert, you can bring a faith perspective to the topics you discuss.  That's valuable and strengthens parish bonds.

You can use short videos from the internet or specifically from FORMED.org to launch informal discussions.  (This is similar to what we do Sunday mornings from 10-11 in the Manse with great success!)  You'll be learning about your faith, but there is still plenty of flexibility and little preparation required of group members.

You can use longer studies available through FORMED.org, Ascension Press, or other online sites.  This deeper study can be very fruitful, but usually requires more committment from group members. 

You can choose a book and study it together as a group.  While outside reading is required, members who like discussions will find this a treat. 

Who can help me get this started?

Kathryn McAlarney is the staff member at St. Louis that helps with adult formation (That's me, actually).  I can help you connect with resources and can offer suggestions for getting a group started.  My contact info is: kathryn.mcalarney@dor.org, 586-5675, ext. 224.  I'm better at answering email.  

What if I'd like to try joining an established discipleship group?

Contact me and I can see if there is a group taking new members.  (See contact info above.)

Where do we meet?

Usually, groups meet in members' homes.