Dedicated to helping adult Catholics come to know Christ better

The Cursillo (pronounced 'kur-see-yo) movement began in the 1940's in Spain.  In 1957 it came to the U.S. and 10 years later to Rochester.  The name, “Cursillo de Christianidad,” translates into English as “short course in Christian living.”  The founders were dedicated to helping adult Catholics come to know Christ better.  Their intention then and now is to give the laity a renewed spirituality and a clearer understanding of how Christ can work through them to bring Christian values to all environments and people with whom they come in contact.

Curisllo develops a consciousness of our Baptismal responsibility to be evangelizers and leaders in the task of Christian renewal. To learn more about the Cursillo Movement, speak with our pastor, Fr. Bob Ring or Suzanne Ward. For more information you may also go to The Rochester Catholic Cursillo Website

St. Louis Church is the home of the monthy Ultrea meeting. Ultreya is "The monthly gathering for spiritual and social enrichment in order to reinforce the experience of the Cursillo community." It is held on the second Saturday of each month beginning with a potluck supper at 5:45pm followed by the meeting at 6:30pm in the Parish Meeting Hall.