Current Studies

Checking the Bulletin or contacting Kathryn at is always a good way to see what is happening at St. Louis!  We also frequently send out e-blasts about current adult formation opportunities (sign up below.)

Upcoming Bible studies:

Currently, there are no upcoming Bible studies.

Ongoing Studies:

Catholic Conversations*

We meet on Sunday mornings between the 9:00 and 11:15 Masses (10:00-10:50) in the O'Connor Parish Library (located in the Manse building--email Kathryn if you need help finding this at

You are welcome to join us!  We're a small group of about 10-15 people who enjoy talking about different topics from a faith perspective.  We usually start with a 5-minute video about a faith topic and then comment on it based on our life experience.  We share questions, experiences, and laughter over a cup of coffee.  Come and get to know a great group of people and learn about our faith in a very informal setting.  It's perfect timing if you have kids in faith formation during this time slot.

*Catholic Conversations has been cancelled due to coronavirus closures. Check back later to see when it might resume.