Do You Like to Cook? We Need You!

We are forming a Cooking Team to help with two ministries: Priests’ Gathering Dinners (Roughly once a month a group of ~20 local priests gather at St. Louis’ rectory for a dinner and fellowship) ChristLife Dinners (An important part of this vital parish program is offering a dinner for participants.)

If you might be interested, please come to a planning meeting to see how this can bless your life with fun, friendships, and a feeling that you’ve helped nurture your parish! With a large team, the work is divided and service becomes a joy.

When? Wednesday, June 27 from 7:15-8:15 p.m.

Where? The Manse (the brick building between the church and Saint’s Place)

Please contact Kathryn.McAlarney@dor.org or call 586-5675, ext. 224 for information or to let me know you’re coming!