Where does Administration fit in?

In order to offer the range of ministries that we do, including a busy schedule of liturgies, a parish school, a broad range of educational opportunities, outreach ministries to Haiti, Ghana, Kenya, as well as to our sister parish, and all the other programs that make St. Louis such a vital parish to belong to (not to mention keeping our extensive campus well maintained), effective financing and administration is essential. Administration includes such essential groups as Pastoral, Finance, and Stewardship Councils, our Tithing, Endowment, Hospitality, and Facilities Committees, our Counting Teams ... all who contribute to the smooth running of an effective parish.

Pastoral Council
Chris Lynge

Advises and assists pastor in organizing, coordinating, evaluating, and supporting the wide spectrum of activities within the parish.
Time Commitment: The first Monday of the month, September - June except during Advent and Lent.

Finance Council
James Schnell

Reviews and approves budget. Monitors and offers counsel on the fiscal well-being of the parish and its ministries throughout the year.
The Development Team is a subcommittee that ensures coordination of fund-raising efforts for St. Louis School, Saints Place and the Parish, while exploring effective ways to supplement funding of each for long¬term growth.
Time Commitment: Four to six meetings throughout the year.

Stewardship Team
Debbie Hoeft

Fosters Stewardship as a "way of life" at St. Louis Parish. Supports programs such as Living Our Strength, a process that helps parishioners discover their unique gifts from God and develop them with the help of the Holy Spirit.
Time commitment: Meets 12 times a year.

Facilities Team
Christian Lynge
(585) 957-1969
Staff Contact: Sally Schrecker
(585) 586-5675 x235

Offers counsel and assistance in maintaining our campus in tip-top condition, through long-range planning and hands-on support.
Time Commitment: Meetings monthly or as needed; help with hands-on projects as available.

Hospitality Team
Mike and Sue Moore

Fosters our friendly and welcoming parish environment by organizing community-building, social activities and providing hospitality at parish events.
Time Commitment: Team meets 4 times per year for planning. Participants staff or contribute to 4-5 events per year.

Technology Team
Mike Moore
(585) 721-0011

Offers assistance in effectively utilizing and continually updating our tech infrastructure and social media, to serve our community and beyond.
Time Commitment: Quarterly or as needed.

Words on the Wall
Keith Bullis
(585) 586-5862

Manages the projection of videos, song lyrics and other media at Mass, including the projection of Baptisms at Mass. Training provided.
Time Commitment: When a team member is available.

Counting Teams
Laurie Martin
(585) 586-5675 x222

Adults needed for teams to count, record and prepare reports for weekend and other collections.
Time commitment: Monday mornings for 2-3 hours, once or twice a month depending on team schedule.