12.01.2018 to 12.02.2018

St Louis 37th Annual Ornament Sale

Here at church exits after all Masses on Dec. 1 and 2

Meaningful Christmas Shopping : (meaningful to the giver, to the receiver, to those who make, and to those who gift package) has already started.  Our St. Louis Haiti Team along with Holy Childhood, St. Michael's Woodshop and St. Louis' Girls Challenge group have been working hard to hand-make, gift-package and NOW display in several stores as GIFTS OF LOVE: beautiful ceramic angels gift packaged in silver and ice blue boxes and wood trees in green velvet or tan linen gift bags. Ornament samples are in church narthex and on the parish website.

Both include gift cards saying you have given a donation in the receiver's name to “help children in Rochester and in Haiti”.

Merchants now selling GIFTS OF LOVE pro-bono until New Year's are:  

Donation price: $8 each

N. Main St. Pittsford Pittsford Tailors and Dry Cleaners,   Pittsford Dairy
South Main in PittsfordChandeliers Boutique,   Pittsford Florist,  Salon Industry,   Sea Her Shine
Monroe AvePendleton,   One World Goods
Canandaigua National Bank branchesPittsford on State St.,  Henrietta at Commons Way,  Brighton on Monroe, and Perinton on Pittsford-Palmyra Rd.
FairportLu's Back Door, Lombardi Gourmet Imports
GreeceRockcastle Florist
RochesterSayari Creations on Gibbs St.,  Wisteria on Culver,     Parkleigh on Park Ave., and Sacred Heart Cathedral
College TowneThe Creators' Hands
CanandaiguaEdelweiss Properties, Realtors
WebsterHegedorn Market,  Warren Decorating Center,   Goodie Shoppe,  Danwin Pharmacy, Barry's Old Irish Pub, St. Paul Church after masses on 11/18 and 12/2 and in church offices at Holy Trinity and Holy Spirit.  These Webster churches will also offer the SAVE AROUND COUPON BOOKS.



















St. Louis Ministry Center (yellow house 2 doors south of St. Louis Church) --in addition to GIFTS OF LOVE ornaments --will offer the SAVE AROUND COUPON BOOKS @$25 each until New Year's 

Coupon books will also be sold at church exits at our Dec. 1 and 2 Ornament Sale after masses.

These books are a welcomed Gift for any occasion!

If paying by check, please write ornament and coupon book donations to St. Louis Hunger.

To further help St. Damien Pediatric Hospital, we again have been offered a $25,000 matching grant for revenues from this Ornament Sale, the September Corn Sale and our Parish tithing.

Please visit https://www.nphusa.org/stdamien/ to learn the magnitude of our endeavor.

Please help us Help Haiti

Parish contact: Marcia Mendola  381-6872