As we help Haiti and local kids, tell someone that you care about them.

St. Louis has provided means to ease the humanitarian crisis in Haiti
supporting the effective efforts of parish friend Fr. Rick Frechette, Passionist Priest and physician
at St. Damien Pediatric Hospital
Haiti's only children's hospital with its multifaceted outreaches free to the indigent

Thoughtful and meaningful gifts that not only help Haiti but also those who hand-make them.


Handcrafted at St. Michael's Woodshop
 a long time effort to help inner city Rochester teens learn the marketable skill of woodworking while being mentored in life skills.


Gift packaged at Holy Childhood
where developmentally challenged young people train for the workplace.  

Donation: $7 each (no tax)
Cash, or please write checks to: St. Louis Hunger
Available any by calling: Marcia Mendola 381-6872

Uniquely made of hardwoods at St. Michaels Woodshop and gift packaged with gift card by the Jimmy Wilmot Adult Training Program at Holy Childhood.

For more information:


This benefits:

mainly: St. Damien Pediatric Hospital, Haiti's only children's hospital. Annually it serves 90,000 patients free of charge if unable to pay for services.

Opened by Fr. Rick Frechette, an American Passionist Priest and certified physician 27 years ago outside of Port-Au-Prince, today it is a state-of-the-art facility linked to the Mayo Clinic and St. Jude's Hospital in the USA plus other hospitals in Europe. It hires only Haitians and has a program to train Haitian doctors. Funds are raised by the non-profit Our Little Brothers and Sisters or NPH. Therefore donations are tax deductible.

Website: www.nphusa.org/haiti/stdamien

Some donations are kept locally for:

Notre Dame Learning Center in Rochester, where children and adults are tutored and mentored
Website:  www.notredamelc.org
St. Michael's Woodshop in Rochester is a ministry offering urban youth life skills as well as a marketable skill through the art of woodworking.  We are grateful to the people at the Woodshop for partnering with St. Louis Church to support St. Damien Hospital in its work in caring for the poorest patients in Haiti.
Website: www.stmichaelswoodshop.org

To order ornaments or for more information, please contact: Marcia Mendola 381-6872 or email marciaandnick@yahoo.com