A home for all of God's people

St. Louis Parish is a home for all of God’s people. We respect and welcome all who wish to pray with us, worship with us, learn with us, serve with us—all who wish to be disciples of Jesus with us. We are committed to the Gospel message through service to our parish family, the larger community and especially those in need throughout the world. 

Loving the Lord, living community; shaped by the Word, serving the world … that is who we try our best to be, with God’s help.

Dear Fellow Seeker,

If you’re reading this letter, I have to believe it is God’s grace at work. For some time now, a group of us at St. Louis have been asking ourselves, “How do we let folks know they are missed and that we would love for them to reconnect with our community—with the faith we share—and to reap the blessings that being in a community can bring?”

We understand that in a community, just like in families, many things aren’t always easy or positive. The same arms that can welcome home and embrace may have, at some point, been arms that pushed away. If that is the case, please accept our sincere request for forgiveness. Please give us a chance to prove we are interested in whatever you may need to share about the past, but even more, we want to welcome you home. We want to have you as part of our future, a future together in this often challenging, but tremendously life-giving, thing we call Christian community. Without you, our community is less than it could be if you were among us.

If you feel that there are any obstacles to reconnecting or if you simply have questions, things you wish to get off your chest or hopes you haven’t dared to utter before, the door truly is open. Please call our office at 586.5675 and ask for Fr. Bob Ring, or feel free to contact one of our other staff members. I believe God has already begun good work in you, and I trust God will bring it to completion. It would be a gift to me, to any of us, to be able to assist in the process.

Peace to you always. You are in our prayers!

Fr. Bob Ring