Year of the Eucharist



The Year of the Eucharist began in June 2017. The Diocese of Rochester has created a webpage that has a helpful number of resources including:

*A blog exploring Bishop Matano’s pastoral letter and what it can mean for us during this Year of the Eucharist.

*A listing of parish Mass times and when the Sacrament of Reconciliation (Confession) is available so your experience of the Eucharist can be as full as possible.

New Gather Hymnals


Our singing community would love to include you in a project. After over 15 years of use, wear and tear, and due to the changes in the Order of Mass, we must replace our current hymnals. We are in need of 750 hymnals for our parish and hope to raise the money and purchase the hymnals before Easter Sunday 2017.

Thinking About College?


Many Catholic colleges offer secular and religious degree programs, encouraging Catholic students of all backgrounds to stay connected with their faith. However, with over 250 Catholic colleges in the country, it can be difficult for Catholic students to narrow down their decision.