Embodied Prayer

Last week I invited everyone to reflect on hungers we may bring with us as we come to Mass. Then, reflect and give thanks for the ways the Lord can satisfy each hunger. Today, let’s shift focus. Let’s reflect on how we respond to what the Lord offers. But let’s consider an aspect of being Catholic, of believing and belonging in a sacramental church that we may take for granted, or even overlook. At the heart, being a sacramental church is our recognition that faith involves every part of us, body, mind and spirit.

Thresholds to New Life

Over the centuries, various men and women have observed how becoming a disciple is a process. Even the scriptures make that clear. St John shows us how the man born blind hears about Jesus, encounters Jesus, grows in understanding and admiration, and at the end of the journey becomes a follower. The Samaritan Woman at the Well provides another example, moving from a chance encounter, to a conversation, to eventually evangelizing her town. Doug Shaup did great work investigating this process in our own day; Sherry Weddell lays it out well in Forming Intentional Disciples.