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Jesus welcomed all to his table and in that spirit, we welcome all at St. Louis Church. We encourage all people to experience the Lord through our church and to become active members.

For more information, please call (585) 586-5675 or we invite you to attend one of our services at 64 South Main Street, Pittsford, NY 14534.

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Saint's Place

Saint's Place
Saint’s Place is in need of furniture, household goods, clothing and financial support, as well as additional donated storage space. With your help and prayers, we can continue to create comfortable homes for refugees seeking asylum in the United States. We are also continually in need of more volunteers to assist in this important ministry.

From the Pastor

An Earth Shaking Liturgy

Was it the hour of incense, or was some other service taking place when Isaiah received his call? Quite possibly. Certainly the backdrop of his hearing God’s call is the Temple; the description is so vivid, we can almost see the incense rising, the room shaking, the embers on the altar, the carved Seraphim coming to life. Awareness of God’s presence, a sense of call can come in many different ways. The prophet Samuel’s experience was auditory – hearing God call his name. Isaiah’s experience is conveyed to us in visual terms.

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